The Clothing That Doomed Us All

13 06 2012

There is plenty to talk about after the Oklahoma City Thunder defeated the Miami Heat 105-94 in Game 1 of the NBA Finals… but I can’t look away from this attire Russell Westbrook decided to wear to his postgame press conference. He just continues wearing over-the-top, why-does-this-look-like-my-pediatrician’s-wallpaper shirts. It is as if the clothing has control over his mind.

I want to focus on Kevin Durant’s 17 4th quarter points. I want to focus on Nick Collison’s instant impact off the bench. I want to focus on the game at hand. But I just remain rude and stare. I’m afraid of it.

This makes me wonder: how did we get to the point where it is deemed socially acceptable for a 23-year-old man to steal a preschool tablecloth to wear as a top during a professional press conference? Is the blatant decision to make fun of visually impaired people by wearing large, non-prescription glasses supposed to be a blunt message to four-eyes across the nation? I’m quite concerned for the youth of America and the influence this might have on their shopping choices. Will sons begin to ask their fathers if they can wear their old man’s fishing shirts to their business meetings? Will Danimals soon start a new chain of apparel only for adults? Even though Mr. Westbrook put up incredible numbers Tuesday night (27 points, 11 assists, eight rebounds), someone must let him know he does not have a future in kaleidoscopes

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24 11 2012
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22 06 2012
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16 06 2012

Hating on the shirt is acceptable, but those nerd glasses…wish i could pull those off haha

14 06 2012

I thought i was Garanimals. The glasses are Justin Bieber’s fault . Good story. Liking your writing a lot.

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