Cain is Able

14 06 2012

Even though the Stanley Cup has come to a close and the NBA Finals had an off-day, people across the nation stayed up past their bedtime to witness not just greatness but complete perfection.

San Francisco Giants ace pitcher (yes, undoubtedly ace) Matt Cain threw the 22nd perfect game in major league history and the first in Giants history to beat the Houston Astros 10-0 on Wednesday night.

Not only did he keep the entire Astros team off the bases and face exactly 27 batters, he struck out a career-high 14 which ties him with Sandy Koufax for most strikeouts in a perfect game in MLB history.

Cain was nothing short of magical as his arm seemed to never tire and even gain confidence as his 125-pitch night, the most pitches thrown in a perfect game, just continued to continue. His fastball seemed to go directly into catcher Buster Posey’s glove every time it was released from his hand. He added many other pitches from his repertoire to keep the Astros guessing and guessing incorrectly. There were 42,298 thundering fans backing him up the entire night while his outfielders made catch after catch – specifically Melky Cabrera and Gregor Blanco – to allow his special night to become a special monument.

Even though this level of pitching should obviously come as a surprise when any player is this dazzling, the fact that Cain kept taking down Diamondback pitchers swinging should be considered the norm for the 7-year pro. After throwing 11 strikeouts through six innings, he tied teammate Madison Bumgarner and R.A. Dickey for most 10+ K games (3) this season. He trails only Nationals young gun Stephen Strasburg for most strikeouts this season.

The Giants decided to roll the dice with this All-Star pitcher by signing him to a $127.5 million, six-year contract prior to this season. Even with his solid pedigree up to this point in his career, any franchise that hands out this much money risks that player not living up to expectations. Well, with his 8-2 record, 2.18 ERA, 96 strikeouts and fresh-off-the-oven perfect game, he has proven himself worth the risk.

Matt Cain might have forced many people to take a 5-hour ENERGY to work in the morning, but everyone would agree it was absolutely worth seeing some beautiful baseball.

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