Surprise Battier Party

16 06 2012

No one else in these 2012 NBA Finals has shot the ball from distance as well as Shane Battier. He has gone 10-13 from behind the 3-point line while averaging 17 crucial points in the first two games. Without Battier’s sudden blistering hand, the non-Big 3 Heat players would only have 27 points (nine in the Game 2 win) so far in this series.

This lights-out shooting leads to a misconception about the Miami Heat. This is not “the Shane Battier that Pat Riley envisioned when the Heat brought him in this offseason” as – and many others – said in their analysis.

The 33-year-old Blue Devil hasn’t averaged double-digit points in his last six seasons and his highest points per game came back in his 2001-2002 rookie campaign when he averaged 14.4 points. He has only broken the ten point mark two other times in his career. Clearly, he has made a career out of making 3-pointers, especially when his team needs it most. But he is operating at an almost inhuman level of efficiency by shooting 70 percent from deep.

So, why would Miami’s organization expect this type of systematic scoring from Battier? They didn’t.

Regardless if this level of contribution was anticipated, he has come up big on the biggest stage while helping the Heat split the first two big games. Can he continue to perform like this? Probably not. However, as long as this celebrity team gets just enough from Battier and the rest of the players not on $100+ million contracts to get three more wins, all criticism about this team not being a “team” won’t matter anymore.

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20 06 2012
Harden To Swallow « jay's jems

[…] had one of their non-Big 3 play out of their minds and confuse NBA analysts. Shane Battier carried this load during the first two games in which he strung together two consecutive 17 point games. Game 3 was a […]

16 06 2012

It’s very true that Miami depend greatly upon their supporting players. I think the big three of each team will continually cancel each other out and it will be the supporting players that decide the series. If you have a minute to read my blog i’d appreciate it and love to hear your thoughts

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