A Shot to the Shin

17 06 2012

At the Queen’s Club Championship on Sunday, David Nalbandian couldn’t quite get to a shot, and after losing the point, he kicked a small barrier out of anger. Unfortunately, in the process he also kicked the nearby line judge in the shin. Shortly after, the chair umpire disqualified Nalbandian thus giving the championship to Martin Cilic even though Nalbandian was actually leading in the match.

We see examples of this all the time across the professional sports spectrum. In football, tensions flair and a team might be punished with a 15-yeard penalty after a punch is thrown. In basketball, a technical foul is doled out when a frustrated player can’t quite control himself and shoves an opponent to the ground. Even in the more “elegant” sport of tennis, players sometimes just can’t restrain their emotions. Unfortunately, in this case the consequences cost Nalbandian a shot at the title.

Many times, passion is a good thing, as a focused sense of hunger and intensity can benefit a player. However, feeding off this passion in the right way is also a very important aspect of being a successful competitor.

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