Delonte Wants Deron

28 06 2012



Even thought Delonte West is an unrestricted free agent just like Deron Williams, the eight-year pro decided to do his own Mavs campaigning via Twitter. The lefty playmaker tweeted four times late Wednesday night in an attempt to convince his fellow unclaimed point guard to come to Dallas.

Since West didn’t use Williams’ Twitter handle (@deronwilliams), however, it can’t be certain he saw the tweets (or understood them).



This is just another minuscule part to the big picture as the inevitable first day of free agency will soon begin this upcoming Sunday. Every day seems to provide the NBA world with yet another “sign” that the three-time All-Star has decided where he is going. Brooklyn. Dallas. Brooklyn. Dallas. We currently stand at Brooklyn after Nets coach Avery Johnson attended his birthday party Tuesday night. But who can really say?

Only Deron Williams.

He has made it clear he wants to make a decision before Olympic training camp begins (July 6), so that indicates a decision will be made sometime next week.

Whether or not D-Will cares that one of his potential backup point guard went out of his way to send him multiple public messages, West will soon have his answer.


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