Lamar Exits; Deron Enters?

29 06 2012

Yes, Lamar, you can officially say peace to Dallas. We must all simply forget this ever happened.

After one of the worst NBA seasons a basketball player has ever had expectation-wise, a former – much, much former – Sixth Man of the Year won’t have to travel out of his precious city of Los Angeles.

Since Los Angeles Clippers guard Mo Williams agreed to invoke his $8.5 million option for next season, Lamar Odom will go to the Clippers and Williams will go to the Utah Jazz while the Dallas Mavericks receive a trade exception, cash and an additional $2.4 million from Odom’s buyout that goes toward the salary cap.

In insignificant land, the Houston Rockets also became a fourth part to this deal. They will get cash considerations and second-round pick Furkan Aldemir from the Clippers. Dallas will take on the draft rights to forward Tadija Dragicevic from Utah while they will send the draft rights to Shan Foster to the Jazz.

If Dallas had not been able to find a suitor for Odom by the end of Friday, they would have been forced to pay the $2.4 million in order to get him out of town. (They could have also decided to keep him on the te – okay, I’ll just stop right there.) However, this wasn’t as down to the wire as it looks because sources say the two parties agreed to extend the deadline to Saturday.

Coincidentally, these two veterans will travel back to where each of their respective NBA careers began. Odom was drafted 4th overall by the Clippers in 1999 and Williams was drafted 47th overall by the Jazz in 2003. That might be just what these two men need to spark the latter part of their playing days.

There’s no reason to waste anymore space on the fiasco that took place regarding Mr. Odom and the Mavericks. The Mavs can look toward Sunday, Odom can look toward actually playing basketball and Mavs’ fans can look toward not seeing him in a blue-and-white uniform.

It’s all finally over.

Luckily, his one-year stint with the organization did not impede on Cuban’s gamble to put all his eggs in one basket – convincing the ever-so-coveted Deron Williams to come home. His salary is gone, and the bank is open for a specific All-Star point guard to make an investment.

Will he stay with the Nets or go to the Mavericks?

This is it, Mavs nation; the time has finally come. There have been countless hours of speculation about the man with the killer crossover along with an abundance of articles written by journalists claiming they know exactly what Williams is thinking and exactly where he will be playing when the 2012-2013 season begins. But only Deron Williams knows (or will soon know) where Deron Williams will be playing next year.

The Nets had their chance to celebrate his 28th birthday with him this week since he was still under contract, but once 12:01 ET on Sunday, June 1 arrives, it’s Mark Cuban’s turn. It’s time for one of the most outspoken, yet wise owners that knows the sport of basketball like he knows business to make his mark. It’s time for him to make his mark on this franchise with an abundance of cap space he has never possessed before by convincing the ex-Colony athlete to sign with his team.

But what kind of mark will that be? Will he be remembered for blowing up a championship squad only to look foolish with his fantasies or will he be praised for his risk-taking and bold methods of management? Will he save this franchise from experiencing many arduous years once Dirk Nowitzki decides to call it quits?

Will he sign Deron Williams?

We will all know soon enough.

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