What Do You Really Want, Dwight?

30 06 2012

This NBA player might honestly be the most perplexing player in the entire association.

Dwight Howard – the man that just opted in for one more year with the Orlando Magic this past season – met with new and confused Magic GM Rob Hennigan on Friday. Why? He told him (as if he is the general manager himself and has the authority) that he wants to be traded to the Brooklyn Nets, according to sources close to this bizarre situation.

Hennigan did not tell Howard what his plans were with the All-Star center.

This story isn’t over. Those close to Howard have reported he feels as though his team blackmailed him into signing the “opt-in” clause by threatening to trade him to the Los Angeles Lakers and that he might even go as far as to file a case with the NBA Players Association (NBPA) which would allow him to be an unrestricted free agent this summer rather than the next. However, this would be a case far from Howard’s reach; he would have a better chance of creating a time machine back to March 15 – when he opted in – than winning this possible case.

Discussing Howard’s immaturity level would simply takes too much time with the free agency period that will soon begin. He has flip-flopped, whined, laughed, cried and LeBron-ed his way through his inevitably last stint with the Magic. There is not a single “good vibe” left between these two parties, especially since Howard practically forced the Magic to fire a high-quality coach in Stan Van Gundy. Whatever franchise ends up signing this enigma to a long-term contract will have to deal with a long-term big man with a little kid’s attitude that is influenced by those in his immediate vicinity…

With the Magic Superman superstar doing a phenomenal job in making even more NBA fans dislike him and forcing his will and way on his own team after proclaiming his loyalty to them just a few months ago, this could mean many things in regard to Deron Williams. Howard might be pushing for this trade because Williams plans to re-sign with the Nets which would allow the ever-so-discussed “dynamic duo” to finally be established in Brooklyn. However, this could also be an attempted move by Howard to sway Williams back to the Nets if he has begun to be inclined to sign with the Dallas Mavericks. (Williams is leaning toward either Brooklyn or Dallas, according to Chris Broussard.)

What is set in stone, though, is two separate meetings that will take place Monday. Williams will meet with the Nets and Mavs, giving them each an opportunity to present a succulent offer.

With free agency being just around the corner, much more will become apparent soon enough.

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