Dwight Howard to the Rockets?

12 07 2012

As the Rockets continue to trade away as much of their roster as possible for future picks and more cap space, they have a penultimate move that could create a sound scenario which brings a certain superstar center to town. Once they finally amnesty Luis Scola – who averaged a solid 15.5 points and 6.5 rebounds last year but has three years, $21 million left on his contract – in the next few days, they might just end up winning (if you can honestly call it that) the D12 Sweepstakes.

Oh, you say you want some more theatrics in this offseason-time drama? Okay, here you go: the Houston Rockets Twitter account oddly enough began to follow Glen Davis, Chris Duhon, Jason Richardson and yes, Dwight Howard Thursday night.

What this means is nothing substantial, in all fairness. I’m not here to tell you that a trivial Twitter story that might just be a ploy (and a good one at that) from the Rockets as they dream to bring in the perfect, dramatic piece to spark a franchise that has been stuck in the middle of the basketball world for three straight years provides a credible source in regard to NBA free agency – especially since it’s a biased Twitter account. However, no matter whether or not this has any legitimate foreshadowing, it can’t be disputed that a very compelling twist has been wrenched.

The most fascinating part of this technologically advanced story is the fact that Twitter’s power is unquestionably being shown for all to see. One account deciding to follow four other accounts has initiated blogs across the nation (including this one) to begin discussing the possibility of a Dwight Howard-Houston Rockets trade. Social media has now become a place for breaking news and new information – it has clearly come a long way.

Looking past the Twitter aspect of this storyline, will this image actually happen for the bare minimum of one year?

If the Orlando Magic finally decide to get this media parasite out of town via trade, he should be going to Texas. Not only can the Rockets take on multiple bad contracts that Orlando desperately wants to get rid of (the four men that they followed all fit into this category), but they can also supply Orlando with the future they so pressingly desire in the form of young players and draft picks. Even though blockbuster deals usually have the team giving up the All-Star piece getting the raw end of the deal, this could be mutually beneficial for both sides. Houston gets their national attention and increase in apparel sales. Orlando gets to free themselves of Howard and quickly begin to efficiently start over.

So, if this move does take place, just remember where the buzz first started – an online social media website and blogging service that allows people to send and read text-based posts of up to 140 characters. Now, go and try to explain that to Charles Barkley.

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2 responses

12 07 2012
Trent Dabose Madden

Insider reporting by Jay Wallis

12 07 2012
Josh McSwain

maybe they are trying to see if they tweet anything about playing for Houston- if they’d be happy or not; but your explanation is more likely

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