Race to the finish: Who will come out on top?

29 08 2012







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30 08 2012

Hello Jay.
I’ve just posted a crazy story on my blog that has to do with PEDs and what it has to do with tennis.
The content that I wrote is pretty lunatic, and many people may hate me for this, but I would like to have your opinion on what you think.

29 08 2012
Josh McSwain

I certainly think St Louis can get there. Don’t ever count them out. However, they will have to beat likely Atlanta in that one game playoff (unless Washington tanks the division, in which case the birds would get the Nats). However I’m leaning toward SF, they have the best balance if hitting, pitching, experience and they get the most out of the talent they have.
AL is all about who gets who. If Texas gets Chicago in the first round, they’re screwed. If NYY gets TB in the first round, they’re screwed. Not sure Oakland or Baltimore could win a first round series, but Detroit could if they were to make it. I also think the whole league is hoping the Angels don’t go on a run in September and make it. They’re as talented as any team in the AL.
If Pettite comes back for the playoffs, I think I would pick NYY out of the two spot (avoiding TB). It would be a toss up if Texas and NYY get matched up in the championship round. Since that’s how it looks right now, I’ll go with NYY.

29 08 2012
Kevin Reape

… #12in12

29 08 2012
Kevin Reape

Jeez.. 5 votes for the Cardinals already..

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