Football – True Reality TV

17 09 2012

Ever since the Los Angeles Kings won the Stanley Cup and King James won his NBA championship, we’ve been waiting for the long summer season to come to an end. Now, the MLB has given us plenty of drama, and I fully expect a very entertaining October as we make our way into the playoffs.

However, ever since that first kickoff a couple of weeks ago, the sports world seems to be so much more alive. There’s nothing like a Saturday afternoon when no less than five big matchups are underway at the same time. Remotes across the country are pushed to the limit as we flip between the big upsets and the huge nail-biters. If you’re not careful, all of the sudden it’ll be 11:00 p.m. and the only thing you’ve done all day is get your fill of college football. If that isn’t crazy enough, we do it all again on Sunday afternoon as the pros take center stage.

The current level of excitement for American football is nothing short of amazing. Every week it seems like one of the networks is claiming that they just experienced their highest-rated game ever. Just last week, the NFL Network released a statement saying that their Packers-Bears Thursday night opener was their highest watched opener ever. That’s nothing compared to the news that came out last May, though. As all the major networks were wrapping up their seasons, NBC very proudly let the world know that their Sunday Night Football had unseated American Idol as the most-watched program on television for the 2011-2012 season. Wow. The fact that a football game could unseat the Fox singing competition juggernaut is nothing short of amazing.

With the increasing popularity of mobile devices, on-demand programming and Internet streaming, the networks have been struggling to figure out how to keep their viewers in front of the television. Nevertheless, the NFL, along with the other major sports, is somehow enjoying some of their highest popularity ever. The argument could be made that even the best CSI episodes can’t compete with the drama that unfolds in a Patriots-Giants game. The grittiest cop show can’t capture the magic of a 63-yard field goal. Televised sports is the original reality show and many might say that the Manning brothers, Tom Brady, and Jerry Jones provide a whole lot more entertainment than anything on Survivor, Big Brother or Jersey Shore.

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