The Worst Call in NFL History

25 09 2012

One of these ref’s calls doesn’t belong.

And I think we all know which one that is.

Words can’t even describe how ridiculous this fiasco of a situation truly is. This is a first in NFL history as there is a blatant push off of a defender, followed by an interception where M.D. Jennings has two hands on the ball, which all leads to a Golden Tate touchdown from a man who initially had one hand on the ball and actually took it off the ball on the way down to the ground… wait, what? To put it in Aaron’s words, it was awful. To put it TJ’s words… well, I can’t really do that. I’ve often been on the side that these men haven’t been doing as bad of a job as people like to say and that they just have faced constant scrutiny because they are under a very heated spotlight. Not this time. And this isn’t about the referees being replacement refs; this is about a crew of football referees, at any level with any sort of experience whatsoever, making a horrid call that will now go down in YouTube and league history for the wrong reason. They should now officially be stereotyped as a joke. This might just be the breaking point that forces these owners to swallow their pride, get a deal done with the regular refs and protect the esteemed NFL shield from any more mortification.

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25 09 2012

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