Lakers Head Coach Mike Brown Fired

9 11 2012

The Kobe “Death Stare” now burns more than ever.

The Los Angeles Lakers head coach Mike Brown has been fired after a 1-4 start to the season, a source tells’s Ramona Shelburne.

Earlier Friday, many had discussed that his job would be in jeopardy if his team could not perform at a high-level on his their upcoming six-game homestand. Forget that.

Yes, this should be considered somewhat of a surprise. He never seemed to be given a complete, healthy roster as you can point to Kobe and Dwight not being 100 percent and Steve Nash not even being in the lineup right now. (However, as Rick Carlisle has shown with his Dirk-less Mavs and 4-1 start, good coaches don’t use injuries as an excuse for a slow start.)

Even with the worst record in the Western Conference, this firing goes beyond the numbers. The way this team looked completely disinterested so early on in the season did not bode well for the Lakers. A coach’s job is simple: motivate your players, get the most out of them and succeed with the roster you’re given. With the lackluster effort given defensively along with the horrid record accompanying an All-Star lineup, this job was simply to big for Brown. Then again, by season’s end, we might realize this job is too big for any man…

So where does this franchise go now? They go older. With such big personalities in Howard and Bryant, this team needs a more experienced coach that can be looked upon as “veteran” coach. (No, Phil won’t be coming back. I promise.)

With a more established coach in place that doesn’t struggle with running an offense, this Lakers team may possibly come closer to fulfilling expectations.

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One response

9 11 2012

You leave me with no argument when you bring up how well Dallas have been doing this year!
I think you’re right that they need more of a veteran to take the bull’s horns. Still, such a shock, I can’t help but think this will only do bad things for the Lakers given how sudden and early on this has happened. I hope I’m wrong though.

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