Michael Finley Eyes NBA Comeback

23 11 2012

And just when you thought there weren’t enough old ex-Mavs in the NBA, you will need to add another to the list.

Two-time NBA All-Star Michael Finley had decided he is going to attempt a comeback as an NBA player, according to ESPN.com sources.

Since he began playing some pickup games this past summer, the former 21st pick in the 1995 NBA Draft has been working toward getting his body back in NBA shape. (If he has gotten to that point is still to be determined.)

The 39-year-old has been working as a Dallas Mavericks front-office affiliate since last spring and was even a part of the recruitment team that sat down with Deron Williams in an attempt to bring him to Dallas.

Even with this new front-office career path, Finley never stopped training for a possible comeback. After Donnie Nelson made it public that both Finley and former Maverick Eduardo Najera were working for the organization, sources say Finley was later invited to the Mavs training camp before a calf injury got in the way.

Being fully recovered from the ankle surgery that ended his NBA career and his recent calf injury, the only retired piece of Mark Cuban’s original Big 3 is ready to follow the path of Rasheed Wallace and find a home for himself on a winning franchise. With the Memphis Grizzlies’ lack of outside shooting and veteran leadership, Tennessee could possibly be the next home for Finley with a roster spot still available on this 8-2 team.

Oh, these were the days…

It’s difficult not to root for Finley in this situation. The Mavs fifth all-time leading scorer has a reputation of being a hard-worker that only cares about winning. He became a fan favorite in many DFW households during his nine years in Dallas as he established himself as one of the most consistent shooting guards in the league, averaging 19.6 points during that time. The fact that he has battled back from such a nasty ankle injury is proof enough of his resilience and determination to place basketball once again.

He may no longer be a high-flying dunker or your go-to guy when the game is on the line or the laughing stock of the NBA Slam Dunk Contest, but if a team out there gives this man a second chance to play the game he loves, they will have themselves a man with an attitude worth having on the court and in the locker room.

Good luck, Fin Dog.

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One response

23 11 2012
David Ernst

I’m not going to lie; I used to be a big Finley fan. He was a killer guy to go to when the game was on the line. If the Mavs could establish that big 3 again, they would be great. But, it is good to hear an old Mavs’ player coming back. Personally, if he makes it, he’ll be in the league for 2 years maximum. Good post, Jay. Keep up the hard work.

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