Hawks Win With a Finish For the Ages

25 06 2013

They started as the best team and finished as the best team. Just when it seemed as though their hot start couldn’t be topped, they finished in dramatic fashion.

The Chicago Blackhawks took down the Boston Bruins 3-2 in Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals to become the 2013 NHL champions. This is their second championship in the past four years.

The last few minutes of the game might have been some of the most intense and exciting hockey anyone could ask for.

Down 2-1 with only a little over a minute to go, the Hawks looked to be facing a decisive Game 7 and following suit with the NBA by taking their respective championship to the wire.

Bryan Bickell and Dave Bolland had different plans.

At 1:16 left in the game, Bickell found a way to tie the game with goalie Corey Crawford out of the net. Without even giving fans a chance to catch their breath and ease their nerves, Bolland put in a deflection off the post…17 seconds later. This finish exemplifies what makes hockey so intense and engaging when you have two teams fighting to the finish…literally. This also close to guarantees that the league increased their viewership for the future.

Just as Ray Allen‘s Game 6 three-pointer completely changed the outcome of the NBA Finals, these back-to-back scores gave Chicago the championship and sent Boston fans home utterly shocked.

And just as championship teams of any sport need players to step up when the lights are shining brightest, Chicago had themselves a man that soaked up the light.

From his series-clinching hat trick against the Los Angeles Kings to his two goals in their Game 5 win in this championship series, Patrick Kane gave the Blackhawks what they needed when they needed it most. At only 24, he fought off his previous two regressed seasons to have an NHL playoff MVP season.

It’s only fitting that this team that set an NHL-record 24-game unbeaten streak to start the season finishes with an unbeaten streak. And right when people began to worry if Jonathan Toews‘ injury would hurt the Hawks’ chances of winning this series, he had himself a goal and assist in his final game of the season.

In a series with plenty of lead changes, injuries (I mean, how would you like to play professional hockey with a broken rib, a disk issue in your back or a dislocated shoulder?) and physical play after play, these teams embody the tough, never-give-up attitude that can do a team wonders in the NHL. It shows how the players in this league that put everything they have into their profession as they train and grind relentlessly have a good chance to make it to the top of the mountain.

The Blackhawks deserve to be on top of this mountain. Congratulations, Chicago.

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25 06 2013
Sam's Sports Brief

What a game! With 1:17 left, it seemed as if we were headed towards a game 7. 17 seconds later, the 2013 NHL season was all but over. Great work, Jay!

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