My Far-Too-Early Early 2013-14 NBA Playoff Positions

8 07 2013

Having a few spare moments at work today, I thought I would share my 2013-14 NBA seeding predictions…at the moment. These are subject to change. Please stay tuned.


1. Clippers                                                                 

2. Thunder              

3. Warriors

4. Spurs

5. Rockets

6. Grizzlies

7. Timberwolves

8. Blazers

Almost made it: Pelicans



1. Heat

2. Pacers

3. Bulls

4. Nets

5. Knicks

6. Cavaliers

7. Wizards

8. Hawks

Almost made it: Pistons

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2 responses

8 07 2013
Josh McSwain

I agree for the most part on the west- the top 6 are head and shoulders above the rest. The last two spots are going to be first round fodder. I like Portland’s chances with Lillard and Aldridge leading the way, and Minnesota could get in if everything goes well, which I’ve learned not to expect from that franchise- even when they had KG. I think Dallas, Denver, and if all goes right maybe Utah could sneak in. Dallas went 41-41 last year while missing Dirk for a third of the season. Karl is gone but Brian Shaw was one of the hottest names in coaching, so Denver could get in. Utah is a real longshot. In regards to the Pelicans, I was chugging the Austin Rivers/Anthony Davis kool-aid last season, we saw how that turned out. I doubt Tyreke Evans makes them a playoff contender. More likely he gets hurt in game #28 and is out for the rest of the season.

Other than the Heat, Bulls, Pacers, Nets, Knicks and maybe Hawks everyone in the east sucks. At least two playoff teams will have losing records. Cleveland could be one of them. I think with Irving, Waiters, Thompson and now Bennett it’d almost be a disappointment if they didn’t. This may sound crazy but Toronto could be a sleeper- they got Rudy Gay, pawned Bargnari off on the Knicks and if Valanciunas can get better, who knows.

I hope I don’t sound like a jerk, and you did say these were subject to change.

8 07 2013
Kevin Reape

I predict the #bulls win it all and it’s a tough call who should win the Finals MVP between Robinson and Rose, so they make fan voting decide everything and Rose wins with 51%, however Robinson is regular season MVP. #takeittothebank

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