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Sports! It’s what I enjoy watching, playing, and, hopefully, what I’ll be writing about on a regular basis. Everything from the NBA to college football to professional tennis interests me, and I want to make a career out of covering them. I am a journalism major at The University of Missouri, and with hard work and determination, I hope to one day become a sports broadcaster and/or sports journalist. Playing jazz on the alto saxophone is a particular hobby of mine that helps the time go by—when there’s not a game on.

If you ever have a differing point of view or a suggestion to improve my techniques, please give me your feedback. I’d love to hear your opinions so get involved! Go ahead and dive in to my blog.

You can email me at: jnwxt8@mail.missouri.edu

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18 responses

30 04 2012

I’ve visited your site a few times and really enjoyed everything I’ve seen. Keep posting about sports man!

25 02 2012

Thanks for appreciating my work. I am only thirteen as my site states and struggle getting comments. I live and breath basketball. I would like to play for the University of Florida when I am older and then manage a NBA team. Like I said, I really appreciate you taking the time to check out my blog. I am happily going to subscribe to yours.

21 02 2012

Hey Jay,
Love the blog, a lot of awesome stuff on Jay’s Jems. I’ll subscribe and put you on the “Other Sites I Like” page on my blog. Once again, great writing, keep it up! I’ll continue to be reading your blog often.

10 01 2012

Keep up the hard work, Jay. It’s already paying off. 🙂

11 11 2011
Joshua Rillo

Love your work Jay! Keep it up bro :3

29 09 2011

I stumbled upon your website and I am very pleased! I am going to tell everyone about this, keep up the awesome writing!


27 09 2011

You have such a fantastic way of informing us every week, catching us up on all the currents in the sports world, and allowing even the less knowledgable person to really understand and learn. Thank you for your dedication to this blog and to your readers. You will be nothing but successful in your future if you continue with your drive and perseverance. You’re a champ Jay!

27 09 2011

Thanks for checking us out. Subscribe to us to keep up with our daily blogs and find us on Twitter (@throwbackattack) and over on facebook. Keep up the good work!

23 09 2011
John Tapee


I’ve been really enjoying reading with your blog. So much so, in fact, that as I was emptying the dishwasher this morning, I suddenly thought to myself “Hey wait a second! It’s Fun Fact Friday!” Keep up the good work.

11 08 2011

FINALLY read some of your blogs! I’m not huge into sports, but what you have to say is really intriguing! Good luck with the rest of it and your goals!

9 08 2011
Richard Allen

Great stuff from that little guy following Ryan around Reinhardt.!… Congrats on the fine writing… and keep it up!

8 08 2011
Coogan Cameron

Nice job Jay! Keep it the good work! Coogan

27 07 2011

Jay, your uncle Larry and I were high school buddies, and he just let me know about your blog. i look forward to reading more. Good luck1

19 07 2011

Wow, Jay! Great work. I look forward to reading your posts. –Larry

18 07 2011

Jay, How great this is. I read all of it with excitment. I’m not sure I sent the blog message to you correctly but maybe I can get some tutoring from you. Grandma

17 07 2011

Jay, this blog rocks–very well-written and informative (not that I expected anything less, but still…). I look forward to your future posts.

13 07 2011
danyelle miller

This is really great jay and i hope to read more and i know you will do great your good at this stuff and will follow your dreams its really good i’d love to read more ont this well keep me updated.!:)

13 07 2011
Travis Wiseley

Jay i hope you do great in your career man!!!!!

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