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28 06 2013



Now that Paul Pierce has been traded to the Brooklyn Nets and is no longer with the Boston Celtics, Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan and Dirk Nowitzki are the only active players left that have been on the same team since before 2000.



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Howard Doesn’t Want L.A.; He Wants Texas

27 06 2013


Jalen Says Dwight Howard Will Be a Houston Rocket | Jalen Rose Report

One of these images will be a reality by next year’s NBA season.

Dwight Howard does not plan to re-sign with the Los Angeles Lakers this summer and will meet with the Houston Rockets, Dallas Mavericks and Atlanta Hawks once teams are allowed to meet with free agents on July 1, according to sources close to the situation.

The Lakers, being his previous team, are allowed to sign him for one extra year and for more money. By signing with a different team than the Lakers, Howard is leaving an extra year of $30 million on the table. However, it should be noted that Howard is only 27 and will most likely sign another huge deal when his four-year, $88 million contract would come to an end. I think he’ll be okay financially.

Unlike the team that shares their arena, the Lakers would not make changes to the makeup of their team just to appease their young superstar. The Los Angeles Clippers fired Vinny Del Negro and hired supercoach Doc Rivers in an attempt to keep their team’s future on the roster. Chris Paul urged them to make this change and will now most likely go back to the Clips.

The Lakers are sticking with Mike D’Antoni. They won’t be a placemat for their superstars. Well, Howard’s biggest reason he doesn’t want to go back to Lakertown is D’Antoni’s coaching system. His “let’s have some fun!” attitude toward the game compared to Kobe Bryant‘s “no horseplay” attitude is also sure to be a problem for the three-time Defensive Player of the Year. Either way, L.A.’s about to lose a huge part of their future and could already be looking toward the 2014 NBA Draft.

(Can we also all agree it is kind of ironic and amusing that the day after L.A. saw this billboard that Howard expresses his interest in anywhere but L.A.? #PoorHollywood….)

Among these three teams, Atlanta is at the biggest disadvantage due to the fact that it’s D12’s hometown. Being a kid that never wants pressure or scrutiny, Dwight might experience some of that by going back to where he was born. Most say he doesn’t have much desire to go to Atlanta.

So, that puts us in a battle between teams of the Lone Star State.

Dallas v. Houston. Dirk v. Harden. No. 1 option v. No. 2 option.

The biggest reason he goes to Houston is because he gets to win now. Coming off an impressive playoff season, the Rockets look to be moving up the Western Conference ladder for the next few years. They have a young star in James Harden that is the future. The Mavs missed the 2013 playoffs and would need more pieces alongside Dirk and Howard to seriously compete, so there’s not as much certainty with that roster. As I said earlier, I think Houston is Howard’s best fit.

However, just as Howard didn’t like D’Antoni’s system, he worries about coach Kevin McHale‘s system, sources say. That team likes to shoot three-pointers all game long and more…that doesn’t really play into Howard’s post-game. Will he get touches? That’s what Howard wants to know.

In terms of why he would go to the other Texas team, well, that’s the news of the day. Howard now has shown clear interest in Dallas and what the future holds for him in the Big D. It’s always been assumed he’d be the No. 1 option and future franchise face if he went to the Mavs, letting Dirk Nowitzki gracefully become the No. 2 option that he has been ready and willing to become. And with the pay cut Dirk will be taking in 2014, Mark Cuban will have cap space to land a big player during a 2014 free agency filled with “big fish.”

Check out how ESPN’s Chris Broussard put it Thursday morning.


Screen shot 2013-06-27 at 11.49.29 AM


Before anybody reading this gets their hopes up, remember who we are talking about. Mr. Howard is one of, if not the most immature and indecisive players in the entire NBA. Very few have been able to figure out what exactly goes on in his head. Even though these reports could be 100 percent accurate, who knows what their accuracy will be once July 1 comes.

The Dwight Howard roller coaster is upon us yet again. Take a seat and endure the ride.

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Morrow Now; Howard Later?

22 02 2013

With less than two minutes to go in the 2013 NBA trade deadline, the Dallas Mavericks made a last-second trade that not only salvaged the perception many hold about their front office but also put one more chip in their hand in terms of signing a superstar this summer.

The Mavericks picked up Anthony Morrow from the Atlanta Hawks for Dahntay Jones in the last moments of the trade deadline. This trade is both teams moving a player with an expiring contract in hopes that a change of scenery will bring out more in them.

Just how close to the deadline was this deal? Mark Cuban was talking to Ben & Skin on ESPN Dallas 103.3 FM Friday morning and explained the time constraint.

“It happened with about 95 seconds left to go in the trade deadline,” Cuban said.

What the Mavs will now get in Morrow is what they’ve been desperately needing all season: a pure shooter. As former Mavs head coach Don Nelson told his son, Mavericks president of basketball operations Donnie Nelson, “Next to Chris Mullin, [Morrow’s] probably the best pure shooter I ever coached. You’re going to love him.”

When discussing what he’s done in his NBA career, this season almost needs an asterisk next to it. The 6-5, 210 pound shooting guard has just not gotten the opportunity to play for the Hawks.

In his first four season in the league, Morrow averaged 27.6 minutes and 12.1 points while shooting 42.9 percent from three-point range and 90.0 percent from the free-throw line. This season he has only been averaging 12.5 minutes, leading to a career-low average of 5.2 points. But this makes sense due to the fact that he has over five less shot attempts per game.

The point I’m trying to make here is that this season does not give a good representation of the competitor and shooter the Mavs just obtained. Take Morrow’s game against the Minnesota Timberwolves on February 3 last season for example. The former Yellow Jacket shot 8-11 from deep, piling in 42 points on the night. He had a total of five games that season in which he made at least five three-pointers in one game. Even though he may be a “three-point specialist” that will have coaches yelling “shooter” when he catches the ball, Morrow still has an efficient mid-range game.

If there’s one thing that is certain, Morrow will help spread the floor for this team.

It is sad to see such a energetic and hard-working playing in Jones go that always gave 110 percent on both ends of the floor. But as said earlier, this acquisition is what Dallas needs. O.J. Mayo may be a fantastic shooter, but he is also the focal point of the offense. He has to do so much more for this team than simply stand outside the arc and get his feet set. Daren Collison can shoot, but his role is to be a distributor and penetrate to the hole. Dirk Nowitzki is, well Dirk. He can hit the three-pointer when needed, but he does most of his work off one leg inside the arc. Vince Carter could be considered someone that spreads the floor, but he has been the only consistent form of offense coming off the bench. Morrow could give Carter the firepower and help he needs when Mayo has to take a seat on the bench. (Cuban also mentioned on the radio that he believes Mayo and Collision being the backcourt for the Mavs’ future is “part of the goal.” Personally, I love to hear that.)

So, this may not have been the splash that gets the Mavs the “big fish” so many fans are anticipating, but it is certainly a step forward in the Mavs’ attempt to squeeze into the playoffs while keeping them financially stable in terms of signing a superstar to a max contract this summer. It may look unlikely with the 4 1/2 games that stand between a lottery pick and the eight seed, but I certainly believe the Utah Jazz and Houston Rockets could slip up down the stretch. Morrow could give the Mavs just enough extra “umph” to extend their stretch of consecutive playoff appearances to 13.


Now let’s take a look toward this summer. With the deadline turning out to be one that had “J.J. Redick to the Milwaukee Bucks” as the lead headline, it was clearly one of the less significant deadlines. What that means is there are still a lot of players up for grabs come this upcoming offseason.

One of those players is still Dwight Howard. I know, I know… I can’t believe this is still a topic of discussion, either.

But it can’t go unnoticed that the Howard-Lakers combination hasn’t necessarily been all smiles and laughs. No, Kobe, you’re Twitter account photos can’t convince me otherwise.

There has clearly been some dissension between Howard and the Lakers’ organization. It’s always something. Not getting the ball. Not getting the attention. Not getting Kobe to talk to him.

That’s right. There were reports that Kobe Bryant gave Howard the “silent treatement” and barely talked to him during All-Star weekend. You think the most immature player in the NBA enjoys not being talked to by the guy taking away all of his shot attempts?

So, let’s say the Lakers have a short playoff run or fail to make the playoffs at all (both are likely). Once this season comes to a close, Howard will be an unrestricted free agent and get the chance to go anywhere he wants to. That has a high probability of not being Los Angeles. Everybody talked about Kobe and Howard’s attitudes not fitting when Howard’s trade happened and these two egos may never be able to work together.

If he decides to take his talents elsewhere, where will he go?


Looking back, The Mavs, Nets, Magic and Lakers were the only four teams on Howard’s shortlist of franchises he would join come the 2012 offseason – he said this before he signed the one-year extension with the Magic and then was traded to the Lakers in that offseason. (We won’t get into why he signed that extension in the first space because I don’t know….) The Nets have moved past Howard with their very rich backcourt in Deron Williams and Joe Johnson and the Magic are obviously out of the picture. If he leaves L.A., the Mavs are the only team left on this list that have the ability to sign him. brought to light another factor that might give the Mavs a slight edge. In December of 2011, during a TV interview Howard did while on tour in Russia, he was asked what players he would like to have as teammates.

Chris Paul, Stephen Jackson. What’s his name, Deron Williams. And Anthony Morrow. I’ve got five, Monta Ellis, I really like him.”

Wow. Did Cuban remember this interview when accepting the trade offer for Morrow? Whether he did or not, if Morrow likes his time Dallas for the rest of this season, he could resign with the Mavericks, possibly (again, possibly) providing more incentive for Howard to sign.


Looking forward, the Mavs, Hawks and Houston Rockets are the teams that have the cap space and clear interest to add D12 to the future of their franchise.

Even though the Mavs don’t have a young franchise corner piece like the Hawks (Al Horford) and Rockets (James Harden), they have a owner and organization that are committed to winning along with being the only team left on his shortlist. Since Howard had such a strong desire to go to Brooklyn, though, he is showing the NBA that he doesn’t necessarily care solely about winning. That is a factor, but he also cares a lot about what will be his role on the team and where he will be playing. Dallas gives him the chance to gracefully take the “franchise player” title from Dirk while playing in a town he has said he enjoys.

And this time when the summer rolls around, Mark Cuban has already asked his Shark Tank producers for time off come late June and early July so he can be there for ever pitch to every big player. Cuban told Ben & Skin that they were pretty close during this year’s deadline to what sounds like a very big trade. He hasn’t given up on this team as so many fans believe. He is someone that will not settle and is simply waiting for the “big fish” that he wants to put on a Mavericks’ jersey.

That player could be Howard.

For now, the Mavs can enjoy a new face and a new pure shooter coming off the bench. Morrow will have plenty of chances to get significant minutes and have a significant impact on this season.

What kind of impact will he have on next season?

Only Howard knows. And based on his past decisions, that literally means – only Howard knows. Once the Lakers inevitably fall short of an NBA title, it will then be that fun time to yet again wait on hand and foot for Mr. Howard to make a decision.

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One Basketball Player Scores 138 Points In a Game

21 11 2012

Yeah, you read that title right. 138 points.

The Thanksgiving Day feasting started early for Grinnell College, as the university watched their basketball team obliterate Faith Baptist Bible 179-104 and watched their superstar Jack Taylor score an NCAA-record 138 points, shooting 52-of-108 from the field and 27-71 from the 3-point range.

Rio Grande’s Bevo Francis set the previous record of 113 points in 1954. But that was no 138.

Now, I’m not going to get into the fact that there are some underlying issues present when a coach and a team allows one of their players to shoot this many times in one game. (71 3-point attempts… really?) This was an unnecessary offensive onslaught in a 75-point blowout.

What I would like to do is put this performance in perspective compared to NBA records (in which games last 48 minutes) and make clear just how dominate this kid was for 40 minutes of basketball.

  • Kobe Bryant and Donyell Marshall hold the record for most 3-pointers made in a game with 12. They would have needed 12 overtimes to make as many 3’s as Taylor did.
  • Damon Stoudemire hold the record for most 3-point field goal attempts in a game with 21. To hoist up as many shots as Taylor, Stoudemire would have needed 33 overtimes.
  • The Boston Celtics and Phoenix Suns both hold the record for points scored in a regulation game with 173. Taylor would have accounted for 80 percent of these points.
  • Wilt Chamberlain holds the NBA record for most points scored in a game with exactly 100. Four overtimes would have been necessary for Chamberlain to match Taylor’s scoring outburst.
    • Chamberlain holds the NBA record for most field goals made in a game with 36. Chamberlain would have needed five overtimes to match Taylor’s numbers.
    • Chamberlain holds the NBA record for most field goal attempts in a game with 63. Seven overtimes would have been required for Chamberlain to put up as many shots as Taylor did.
  • Ray Allen made 269 3-pointers in the 2005-2006 season, which is the most in a single season. This one game gives Taylor 10 percent of Allen’s season total.
  • George McCloud shot 678 3-pointers in the 1995-1996 season, which is the most 3-point field goal attempts in a single season. This one game gives Taylor 10 percent of McCloud’s season total.

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Loaded Lakers New Look

1 10 2012

Embedded image permalink

I can’t deny it, as an NBA fan that enjoys his fair share of parity, this scares me to death…

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Kobe’s Simply a Chip Off the Old MJ Block

29 08 2012

The Michael Jordan-Kobe Bryant comparison is inevitable. These two have careers worthy of the greats and have an innumerable amount of awards they collected along their way to multiple NBA championships.

So, whose game is better?

Well, 2012 Mamba put together an impressive video that will make you realize just how similar these legends are, down to the mechanics of their offensive arsenal.

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Kobe Bryant: The Ultimate Draft-Day “What If”

28 06 2012

In honor of the upcoming 2012 NBA Draft on Thursday night, here is an image from the 1996 NBA Draft that almost became reality. This would have completely altered how this last era (or even current era to an extent) of basketball went and would have undoubtedly kept the Hornets in Charlotte…


08-09 Hot Prospects Kobe Bryant Draft Night #94 482/499


Instead, we have experience this…



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